Plan Liberia makes Effort To Fight Ebola

By Jefferson D.Tweh

In an effort to fight the deadly Ebola virus in the country, Plan Liberia has demonstrated its commitment and donated preventive materials for Ebola to Bomi County to help combat the deadly Ebola virus that is claiming the lives of many inhabitants in Liberia.

In its bid to help Liberians kick out this deadly Ebola virus in Liberia, and save thousands of people lives, Plan International Liberia last week Saturday, September 20, 2014 took truck load of preventive Ebola materials to the government Hospital in Bomi County, as part of showing humanitarian concern to those who have been affected by the virus in the county.

The presentation was done in the presence of County officials including Superintendent Samuel Brown, the head of the County Health Team, Dr. Gabriel Gorbee Logan, the World Health Organization Technical Assistant to the County, Dr. Richard Luce, Ms. Frances Alesi, Acting Head of UNMIL field office in the county, and Borma Q. Sando, Chairperson of the Bomi County Civil Society Organization.

Items presented to the County Superintendent for onward presentation to the head of the County health team included 130 buckets with faucets, 15 gallons of chloride, 6 buckets of 45kg chlorine, 80 bottles of hand sanitizer, 15 barrels with faucets, 30 rubber buckets without faucets, 3 dozens of tissues, 25 bottles of liquid washing soap, 150 pcs of t-shirts with 150 caps and awareness printing materials estimated at US$12,000.

However, some speakers during the presentation congratulated the management team of Plan Liberia International for its significant contribution made to the county, and urged other people to follow their footstep.

Few weeks ago, similar donations including vehicles were presented to the Liberian Government through the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare totaling more than $84,000 U.S.