MARWOPNET Targets Borders In Ebola Fight

By C. Winnie Saywah-Jimmy

The Mano River Women Peace Network (MARWOPNET) has begun collaborating with 20 civil society organizations in creating cross-border awareness in response to the national call for collective action in the fight against the Ebola virus.

Presenting some Ebola material to MARWOPNET-Liberia Board members on last week Friday, the 2nd Regional Vice President, Amelia Ward said the outbreak of the Ebola virus has negatively impacted the successful programs implemented in the past to empower members in the region.

Founding member Ward said women are the primary healthcare givers and that it is observed that the outreach teams are not receiving the full cooperation for the transfer of suspected patients to the treatment center thereby spreading the virus because of mistrust, fear and inefficient information.

She said it is also observed that awareness messages in bordering communities are still inefficient especially the porous borders and family ties in those communities and expressed special thanks to the LPRC and Kvinna Till Kvinna (KTK) for the support provided to MARWOPNET to launch its awareness on Ebola to bordering communities in Nimba, Grand Cape Mount, Bomi, Bo Sierra Leone, Gbarpolu and rural Montserrado Counties. MARWOPNET’s National Focal Point, Ruth Caesar, said her organization started its awareness campaign since April in Voinjama, Lofa County where a whole session was conducted on the Ebola awareness and quality sensitization was carried out with the understanding that Ebola broke out in Liberia since February.

She said they could not continue due to lack of funding to carry out massive awareness and KTK and LPRC accepted to assist in that direction because of the needs they had especially in the areas they cover and that will be basically along the borders in seven communities in each of those areas.

She said because of their programs, their campaign will be extended into the neighboring countries and that is why they have placed so much emphasis on the importance of continuing the awareness to encourage the peaceful co-existence and this will last for three to four months.

The head of the Constitution Review Committee, Gloria Musu Scott said the Ebola attack is not only on the human bodies, health and existence but it has also embarrassed the citizens’ ‘Liberianess’ which can describe Liberians as being ‘indiscipline’ when it comes to their interaction with each other and foreigners as well.

Cllr. Scott said Ebola is an individualistic virus that has attacked families and is crippling the economy and everything that involves family values and has become a worldwide attack that requires collective action. She expressed gratitude to the healthcare workers for their unflinching services as well as the international community for their valuable support.

The Field Representative of the KTK, Anne-Marie Lukowski added that this fight against the virus is now in communities and eventually it will be overcome as it is just a matter of time noting that something good will come out of the fight against Ebola in Liberia.

At the same time, one of MARWOPNET’s founding members, Mary Brownell said much has been placed in the fight against the Ebola virus and urged everyone to call on God, put Him first adding, “If we pray sincerely, God will answer us. He cannot let us down.”