Don’t Pay Money For Ebola People Dead Bodies…Health Ministry Advises Citizens

“Do not pay one cent for the removal of Ebola people or bodies,” Assistant Health Minister for Preventive Services, Mr. Tolbert Nyeswah said.

Minister Nyeswah said there are reports that people working with Ebola Task Forces are demanding money from relatives for the removal of sick persons or dead person as a result os Ebola.

The strong Ebola fighter said if anyone is caught in this habit, he or she will be prosecuted in accordance with the laws of Liberia.

Speaking at the weekly press briefing at the Ministry, Minister Nyeswah urged citizens and residents to report anyone who requests for money before moving an Ebola patient to treatment centers or remove any dead person as a result of the deadly Ebola virus.

In a related development, Minister Nyeswah said contact tracing, community driven initiative and surveillance are critical to the fight against Ebola.

Minister Nyeswah, speaking at the launch of a local Ebola Task Force in Monrovia said it is important for communities to take their own initiative and focus on contact tracing while keeping surveillance for those infected with the virus.

Meanwhile, the United Nations Security Council has unanimously passed a resolution declaring Ebola a global epidemic with an appeal to all nations of the World to mobilize resources and combat the disease; Reports Timothy T. Seaklon.