Changing Lives Int’l Continues Fight Against EBOLA…Provides More Disinfectant Materials

Liberians and their international partners have intensified the fight against the deadly outbreak of the EBOLA virus which has already claimed the lives of over 1,500 persons in and around the country.

With the country experiencing the worst outbreak of the epidemic since its outbreak over thirty years now, members of both local and international non-governmental institutions have joined in the support to combat the unprecedented spread of the EBOLA virus.

World Health Organization (WHO) and other health related institutions have attributed the rapid spread of the virus to the denial state amongst the citizenry, therefore posing a serious constrain to the eradication of the disease.

With said report lingering across the minds of Liberians, CHANGING LIVES INTERNATIONAL Ministries, a non-for-profit organization has accelerated its efforts in making sure that the message and the needed materials in the fight against EBOLA reach every community.

Over the weekend, the group initiated the second round of campaign against the deadly EBOLA virus by reminding dwellers of the Show-way community situated in the township of Duazon along the Robertsfield Highway that EBOLA is indeed in Liberia and kills at a twinkle of an eye.

Residents of the Show-way community, pre-dominantly women converged in huge number to receive the second round of the distribution of disinfectant materials for the fight against the Ebola virus.

The donation was followed by an awareness message from the local leadership of the organization headed by Mr. Martin L. Fleming insisting that the virus does not discriminate and therefore urged all Liberians to get involved by observing all the necessary precautionary measures.

Mr. Fleming indicated that they intend reaching over 150 family heads as their own way of contributing in the combat against the virus.

The CLIM Executive further stated that the presentation targets under-privileged elderly women who according to him cannot afford.

“This is a continual process. We will be reaching all out until there are encouraging message of EBOLA leaving Liberia. We are not encouraged by the number of confirmed Ebola cases being reported by health workers but are very hopeful that with the collective effort of every Liberian the virus will soon vacate our country,” Mr. Fleming added.

CLIM Executive at the same time lauded the effort of all Liberians and health workers who are in the frontline combating the spread of the virus.

The CHANGING LIVES INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES’ official also extended special thanks to their sponsor, Grace Lutheran Church Sturgis in Southern Diakoda, USA.

“We couldn’t have done it without them. As the fight against the Ebola virus continues, CLIM will remain committed towards this fight and will continue providing supports in this direction,” Mr. Fleming noted.

Changing Lives International Ministries is a local and international NGO in the drive to buttress government’s efforts and contribute to the process of nation building. Already, CLIM has constructed a 7-room building in the township of Duazon in the Royal Community. The building is intended to be used as an elementary school. The idea to erect an elementary school in that community was driven from a survey showing that hundreds of children who are of school-going age have less fortunate opportunity to acquire primary education.

The donation was highly appreciated by the women of the Show-way Community. Mrs. Deddeh Wolobah, on behalf of the women, expressed her gratitude and called on other Liberians to emulate the good example of CHANGING LIVES INTERNATIONAL MINISTRIES.