“Ebola Is Winning”…CSO Expresses Great Frustration

By Pinket Scott (Intern) & Jefferson D. Tweh

The Chairperson of the Liberian Civil Society Taskforce on Ebola, Mr. Oscar Bloh says the deadly Ebola virus is winning and International response to Ebola outbreak has been slowed.

Mr. Bloh disclosed that the many hospitals in the country are over-run and under- staffed with fear and panic sparking serious violence while borders have also been closed and ships prevented from coming to the country. He said Liberia is running out of food and other essential things.

According to Mr. Bloh, after months of inaction in recent days, donor pledges had been made ,but Liberians still have the fear that it will take too long for government promises to translate into hands to help.

Mr. Bloh told journalists yesterday that the CSO Task Force and international groups are calling on wealthy countries around the world and International Organizations such as the United Nations (UN), to accelerate the deployment of much needed resources aimed at stemming both international health crisis and a threat to regional peace and security.

“More than 870 people are believed to have died from the current epidemic in Liberia with hundreds of deaths reported in Guinea, Nigeria and Sierra Leone,” Mr. Bloh explained.

He added that it is regrettable, frustrating and disheartening to see health workers on strike with clinics abandoned and communities lacking basic preventive measures like clean water and soap.

Meanwhile the CSO Ebola Task Force is calling for significant medical, financial and logistical support such as protective gears, equipment, ambulances and helicopters to transport suspected victims and dead bodies.

CSO further said logistical and financial support will enhance remote and quarantined communities to get food and clean water and that will also help to carry on some sanitization efforts to assist reduce the spread of the deadly   Ebola virus that is claiming the lives of many people in the country.

CSO says the deadly Ebola virus is winning and therefore a great effort should be made to combat the disease and kick it out of Liberia.