Emmanuel TV Partners Expresses Condolence To TB Joshua

The Emmanuel TV Partners in Liberia has expressed its condolences to one of the world’s best preachers, T.B. Joshua who lost his entire guesthouse to a sudden collapse in Nigeria last week Friday.

According to reports gathered already, Prophet Joshua has linked a small jet fighter plane circling over the church’s guesthouse in Lagos to the subsequent collapse where about 40 people died and over 100 persons are believed to be injured.

The two-storey guesthouse was constructed and used for members of the Synagogue Church of All Nations and the only news so far from the government authority is that the Nigeria Defence Headquarters admitted that the NAF 466 Aircraft had gone missing in Adamawa State.

The popular televangelist, T.V Partners said its satellite cable was on and saw a small plane circling over the building four times before it collapsed on Friday afternoon and it may have been an attempt to kill the prophet.

“It was yesterday, Friday, as I was praying; they came to call me that there was an airplane hovering over the church. They said it is like it wanted to land,” Prophet Joshua said. CCTV has video clip of the alleged plane and has released it to journalists to use their discretion to write on what they saw.

Speaking with reporters of this paper on behalf of the T.V. Partners in Liberia, Joseph Adagho explained how early this year, a group of Boko Haram went to bomb the church and stopped opposite the church gate after which time they entered a restaurant.

He narrated that five days after, the leader of the group went to the church to confess that he would not sleep due to the attack spiritually he had encountered since their plan and told the pastor how he had gone for deliverance.

The church delivered the Boko Haram leader in the midst of the church congregation and then he began sleeping in the church. Mr. Joseph said few days after, the Nigerian government requested for the Boko Haram person who confessed for investigation and the prophet turned him over to the government.

Mr. Adagho told this paper that last Friday, the government of Nigeria announced that a jet fighter 466 was missing in Adamawa State and the following day a jet fighter was soaring over the Synagogue Church.