18 Dead, 47 Suspected Ebola Cases On The By-Pass…Residents Stone Rep. Gray’s House For “Abandoned” Body

By Morrison O.G. Sayon

In the wake of the wide spread of the deadly Ebola virus in the city, residents of the By-pass community have reported the death of 18 persons in the community with at least 47 suspected cases of Ebola.   Yesterday, hundreds of angry residents and community dwellers set up roadblock in protest to a suspected Ebola body which they said have been locked indoor for the past three days in the Rock Spring Community.

The residents through their Chairman, Joseph S. Kannah and Madam Ernestine King said since the death of a boy identified as Alvin Nyanti commonly known as Chineseboy in the community they have made several calls to the   Ebola Response Center but to no avail.

Mr. Kannah said about 16 persons were suspected of having the virus in the Rock Spring Community who have been continuously denied by the various treatment centers due to limited capacity to host them.

Mr. Kannah and Madam King said some of the victims went to the various treatment centers on their own but were denied as they were told that there was no space. As a result of the limited capacity according to them, Chineseboy met his untimely demise because he was refused treatment.

“Since the boy died on Tuesday, we have been calling the response team but no one is willing to come and pick up the body and take those suspected of having the virus,” Miss King told this paper minutes following the protest.

At the same time, the community Chairman, Kannah disclosed that so far 18 persons have died from the Ebola virus and 47 more are suspected of contracting the virus in the entire community. They called on government to ensure that those affected be taken to a treatment center so that the entire community would not be affected.

Meanwhile, Montserrado County Representative, Acarous Gray has described as provocative government’s response to Ebola deaths. Rep. Gray said the delay in removing bodies from communities despite persistent calls by residents has the propensity to create chaos.

Rep. Gray made the assertion yesterday when hundreds of angry residents set up roadblocks on the Capitol By-pass demanding the removal of the body of a youth who died in the community whose body has been in his residence since Tuesday.

On Thursday, hundreds of angry residents stormed the home of Montserrado County District#8 Representative, Acarous Gray for what they call the lawmaker’s lack of concern of what is affecting them in the district.

The angry residents mainly youths threw stones at the lawmaker’s house demanding the immediate removal of the body. However, the situation was put under control with the immediate intervention of officers of the Liberia National Police.

Following frantic efforts, police in Monrovia broke out the protest and removed the roadblock and dispersed the protesters after nearly two hours. But residents accused the police of beating peaceful citizens who were protesting for their right.

The body was later removed by the Ebola Response Unit yesterday following serious commotion and intervention of the police.