Substandard Drugs Discovered At ABEER Pharmacy

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr

The Liberia Medicines & Health Products Regulatory Authority (LMHRA) has confiscated several substandard drugs from Abeer Pharmacy.

LMHRA has at the same time, warned importers of fake drugs to desist.

LMHRA Manager Director, David Sumo, made this statement yesterday at a press conference held at the LMHRA office in Monrovia.

MD. Sumo said the LMHRA has been invited to play a role in the Ebola outbreak in the country but however they being a government entity, the LMHRA will continue playing their role and keep engaging other institutions most especially the Ministry of Health to ensure that drugs that are coming into the country are secured for the benefit of all.

He added that LMHRA is tightly engaged with the private sectors because the private sectors are key components of the health care delivery system and that they are doing their work to ensure that drugs that are in the country are good so that citizens can be protected from harmful effects.

MD. Sumo stated that ensuring the quality of drugs being donated to the government in the fight against the Ebola virus is a key issue. “In a situation like this someone can use this means to win and we become the victims,” he said.

He mentioned that since the Ebola outbreak many citizens have decided to buy their own drugs to have them treated due to fear because during that time hospitals and clinics would have been closed.

MD. Sumo said there has been lots of awareness made since the Ebola outbreak but there are still more new cases which indicate that the virus is still spreading.

He said that public awareness, using community leaders, head of homes, and community dwellers will better take the message to the people and it will really help in the eradication of the deadly Ebola virus.

MD. Sumo said that those with fever, malaria amongst others should report themselves early for treatment and that pharmacy stores should not diagnose and treat anyone which is not their role.

When contacted yesterday, the Manager of the Pharmacy declined to comment, obnoxiously saying, “I do not run my Pharmacy in the Press. You can publish anything you want to publish.