Police Clarifies “Fire-For-Fire” Report…Arrests 7 Armed Robbers

By Garmonyou Wilson

The Public Relations Officer for the Liberia National Police (LNP), Sam Collins said that during the LNP’s press conference held on September 8, 2014 when referring to ‘Fire for Fire’ the Police Boss meant that the police would be more robust in going after armed robbers, especially those impersonating as police officers.

According to reports from several local newspapers, the Police Boss, Christopher Massaquoi was referring to officers and criminals exchanging gun fire. The LNP spokesman said that the report is not applicable now as in upholding their mandate to protect lives and properties, the LNP would do such professionally without putting innocent lives at risk.

The Police spokesman said that the police have countless strategies to apprehend criminals and lethal means, though an option of the police is the last in thousands of options. Mr. Collins emphasized that the LNP is cracking down on armed robbers and would no longer be ‘sitting ducks’.

Meanwhile, the Liberia National Police (LNP) has in their custody seven notorious armed robbers that were apprehended recently in the Old Road community. Among the armed robbers is ‘Nicole’ who was wanted for armed robbing EcoBank at the Cuttington University.

According to Sam Collins, the armed robbers were arrested with countless amounts of looted goods including four single barrel guns, cellphones, lab tops and passports. The LNP Spokesman said that what was most disturbing is that the armed robbers also had in their possession fake LNP and Armed Forces of Liberia uniforms.

He added that the LNP in Grand Bassa have also been working over time to ensure that the country is safe as three additional armed robbers were brought from the county and would soon be forwarded to court.

Sam Collins also used the occasion to stress the difficulties the LNP are faced with lack of logistics that could help the force become more efficient in executing their mandate and serve and protect the lives of Liberians and all persons in the country.