Gov’t Targets 1000-Bed Ebola Center…Extends Curfew To 11 PM, Lifts Quarantine On Dolo’s Town

By Timothy T. Seaklon

Information Minister, Lewis G. Brown, has said that to fully combat the deadly Ebola virus the Government of Liberia and its partners have targeted at least 1,000 bed Ebola transit and treatment centers in the country.

Minister Brown said government is committed to speeding up the erection of these centers to properly respond to the treatment of Ebola noting that the current centers are filled leading many to be resting on the floors awaiting treatment.

The Information Minister, addressing journalists at his daily Ebola Briefing yesterday next week a 1,000 bed center will be open in Bong County while another with the capacity of 120 beds is expected to be operational at the Island Clinic under the auspice of the Government of Liberia (GOL) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Minister Brown said the Island Clinic facility will be under the management of Ugandan doctors and plans are afloat to have the road leading to the Island Clinic reconditioned.

The Information Boss said about 541 health workers have been trained to deal with the issue of Ebola starting from providing treatment, to those who will work at crematory as well as those who are responsible to provide socio-psycho counse