Sierra Leone Embassy Donates To Citizens In Liberia

The Sierra Leone Embassy in collaboration with the APC (All People Congress) and the Sierra Leonean community in Liberia donated 36 bags of rice over the weekend to five affected communities occupied by its citizens residing in Liberia. The benefiting communities include West-Point, Sayon Town, Duala, Banjor and VOA in keeping with the fight against Ebola and uniting the Sierra Leonean in Liberia.

Speaking at the program Mrs. Mariama Coker said, the Ambassador is grateful for this initiative so as to alleviate rice purchase as we continue to fight the spread of the Ebola virus. She added that, the amount seem to be small but hope that their quest to the Sierra Leonean Government be heard and hope to do more for it citizens in the country. She further that they are interested in identifying with affected communities and in subsequent time will deal with zone as per the mandate of the Embassy in uniting it citizens.

Mr. BrimaSalfuKamara, Vice President (Sierra Leonean in Liberia) said it is important to identify with your people in such a difficult situation in the country therefore, we though it wise to bring in food to affected communities as a sound of togetherness and unity amount Sierra Leonean in Liberia.

Mr. Alhaji Ibrahim Turay, Paramount Chief for Sierra Leonean in Liberia extend gratitude to those meaningful contributors and hope that unity should always exist among Sierra Leonean residing in Liberia.