As Suspected Ebola Victims Take Refuge In Community: Fear Grips ELWA Residents…Several Suspected Ebola Victims Cleared From WHO Center At JFK

By Edwin G. Wandah and Janjay F. Campbell

Several persons in the Studio Junction in the ELWA Community have feared that the deadly Ebola Virus may spread in the area if no preventive measures are put in place to curtail what seems to be an embarrassing situation that erupted in the area over the weekend. The residents speaking to this paper said Thursday night explained how an ambulance conveying several persons suspected of the deadly Ebola virus dropped them right at the entrance of the ELWA Studio Junction isolation center and immediately left the scene, leaving the suspected persons, some of whom appeared sick and helpless to sleep in the open.

One of the residents, Sarah Browne, told this paper that some of the suspects managed to enter the community where they slept on other people’s porches thereby creating panic for the residents adding, “We are living in fear of this virus, from the onset; we told the government that the building of this center will create serious health problem for us and no one listened to us, now, here we are, facing this situation.”

Meanwhile the residents are calling on the Government of Liberia through the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to ensure their security or remove the center from the area to prevent health crisis in the area.

The Studio Junction Community is situated in District Six, with Representative Edwin M. Snowe as their lawmaker and is host to more than fifteen thousand residents, basically women, men and children. The vast majority of the residents live on a daily hustle, crushing rocks for daily sale to feed their families. The center has a maximum capacity for 50 persons at a time, but is now hosting more than the number due to the influx of patients flowing at the center to seek medical attention.

Meanwhile, at the World Health Organization’s (WHO) isolation center at the John F. Kennedy Medical Hospital, 11 patients were released and certificated declaring them Ebola free on Friday.

The patients who were suffering from the Ebola virus were given assorted items by WHO to enable them start at fresh. Relatives and friends were seen rejoicing for their family members who have survived the deadly disease.

At the same time, some individuals who are suspected of coming in contact with the Ebola virus were seen at the entrance of the WHO isolated center pleading with one of the doctors to be admitted. They were told that there was no space at the center, that all the beds in the center were occupied.

Doctors later agreed to admit the suspected Ebola patients in to the isolated center, but when the patients were about to enter the isolated center, they were prevented by health workers from entering the center because they (workers) have not received their wages for the month of August.

The health workers who complained to WHO Representative said they have worked very hard to save lives and have not been paid but the WHO Representative pleaded with the workers and promised to intervene into the matter.