Confirmed Ebola Cases Swell To 412…386 Deaths Recorded Thus Far

By Timothy T. Seaklon

Statistics released by the Ministry of Health through the Ministry of Information relative to confirmed Ebola cases have swelled to 412. The statistics which was read by Information Minister Lewis Brown also noted that from Marc h 22 to September 1, 2014, there has been 396 confirmed Ebola death recorded.

Minister Brown, addressing the daily Ebola Briefing session held at the Ministry of Information yesterday, the total suspected cases of Ebola stands at 512, total probable cases at 847 while cumulative confirmed, probable and suspected cases is at 1,771.The statistics further revealed that cumulative cases among health-care workers are 150 while cumulative death among health-care workers is 76.

Minister Brown said total death in confirmed cases are 396, total death in probable cases 381 total death in suspected Ebola cases 238 while the total death in confirmed, probable and suspected cases are 1,015.

The statistics which comes from the Ebola Situation Report number 109 also said the Cumulative Fatality Rate (CFR) from March 22 to September is 617.

Minister Brown reiterated that the Ebola virus has reached the stage of national crisis but stressed that Liberians can overcome this virus if together they can observe the preventive measures put in place.

The Information Boss further stressed that there are two major ways one can contract the virus and that is by touching sick person or a dead body. He urged all to refrain from these habits and continue the process of hands washing if the disease must be defeated.

Liberia has been at war with the deadly Ebola virus since March 2014 and has claimed the lives of medical doctors, health-care workers and hundreds of citizens.

Recently the World Health Organization (WHO) said the virus might claim about 20,000 lives in West Africa before it can be brought under control while the Director of the United States based Center for Disease Control and Prevention, Dr. Tom Frieden said the Ebola epidemic will worsen before it ceases.

In a related development, the head of Medicine San Frontier (MSF) told the United Nations that the fight against the Ebola virus in West Africa is more of a ‘wild goose chase’, information which has added more fear among people of the West African Sub-region.