Man Shoots Wife For “Cheating”

Man Shoots Wife For “Cheating”

By Antoinette Sendolo FromFendell

A young woman, TeiwahDamaTaylor, was Friday night shot in her leg by her husband in the Fendell community on grounds that she is having an affair with another person.Speaking to this paper, Teiwah explained that she has always been threatened by her husband whenever they had problem but could not leave her home because she wanted to stay and take care of her children.

According to Teiwah, it was on Friday when she left to sell cassava leaves in the market but later got news from a family member that her aunty was dead so she decided to ascertain the information but unfortunately she went home in the evening, something which she said angered her husband angry.

She said upon her return she was denied entrance to her house by her husband asking her to take her bath with chloride water before entering because he was afraid that she would have contracted the deadly Ebola virus from where she came from.

Teiwah then took bath as demanded by her husband but was still not given the chance to enter the house so she decided to get others involved by talking to her husband but to no avail.

She noted that after several hours of talking with her husband who she only referred to as Moses she then decided to sleep with her little daughter in the next room but to her surprise she heard the voice of her husband screaming her name and when he got closer, he started claiming that he saw a strange man leaving the house and the person was her boyfriend. “I was lying down when he came and hit me and started telling me that he saw a man leaving the house so I tried to explain to him but he couldn’t listen. “He started telling me that he no longer loved me because I was cheating on him so he will kill me and it was not his first time. It’s something that he often said to me whenever we had problem. While we were still talking that was when he shot my leg and ran away,” Teiwah narrated.

According to her, the incident happened at about 8:30 p.m. on Friday, August 29, 2014.

When this paper contacted one of the aunties of Teiwah, Ma Krobu, she confirmed that threatening the life of Teiwah was a regular habit of her husband, Moses.

She said when she was told about the current problem between Teiwah and her husband she called Teiwah’s husband, Moses and tried talking with him but he was uncompromising.

Teiwah who spent the whole Friday night bleeding from her leg because there was no hospital to treat her due to the current Ebola situation which has caused several hospitals and clinics to be closed and the recent curfew was finally taken to an unknown hospital on Saturday to seek treatment.

Meanwhile, Moses Teiwah’s husband was arrested Friday night by the Liberia National Police and is currently at the zone-eight Police Depot for investigation.