“I’m Still Chairman Of CDC”-George Solo

By C. Winnie Saywah-Jimmy

The ousted National Chairperson of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), George Solo says he still remains the chairperson of the party having been recognized by the National Elections Commissions of Liberia and the political leader of the party, George Weah.

Speaking on the Truth FM Breakfast Show yesterday, Chairman Solo said he had not gone to the CDC to be chairman for life and if individuals he serves do not believe in his service let them follow the process because all institutions have solid laws in removing its leaders simply because it is critical component of that institution’s democracy.

“I am still being referred to as Mr. National Chairman by the NEC and will be referred to as national chairman until they can validate their removal. I have a communication that I am the national chairman. They don’t have to tell me; I am doing my job. I am the National Chairman elected on June 12, 2012 in Tubmanburg, Bomi County. I have suspended all political activities of the CDC and I have suspended three persons for time indefinite following an inquiry by a special committee. I am quoting my constitution in every action that I am taking,” he told the host of the show and public.

He said for the laws to go in favor of the majority is obvious but there are processes that must still be followed by the law and termed his removal as the national chairperson as being illegal because formal invitation must be sent to all executive members calling for an official gathering of decision makers of the party and that was not done.

He said he will fight ‘tooth and nail’ to reform the CDC, open up the party and that true democratic processes will be embedded in the actions of the CDC and if it means doing it alone or with a million men, he will, because he labored, sweat, bled and funded the party.

He wondered how can one individual sell a party describing it as ‘mere stupidity and announced his public apology to all CDC partisans as well as other Liberians for their (those in the saga) insensitivity during this time of Ebola when Liberians are dying on a daily basis where national conscious or collective effort is towards something, people are accusing their leader of meeting someone, adding, “Is it not the same Robert Sirleaf who is distributing buckets in West Point? What is criminal about meeting Mr. Sirelaf in the first place or what has he done to them?”

He explained they were invited two times by the supervisory body which is the NEC responsible to find an amicable solution and were told that it was clear that they did not understand their Constitution and were not looking at the law and explained that while in that meeting, he received a copy of an email to the Grievance Chairperson sent to the NEC by the party lawyer that I was working along with the NEC trying to destroy the party.

Chairperson Solo said the Chairperson of the Grievance and Ethics of the CDC, Samuel Tweh has been compromised as well as the lawyer representing the legal interest of the party, SyreniusCephus who described him as a ‘strange bedfellow’ with the NEC who is trying to destroy the party and that the CDC should not subject itself to that inquiry by the NEC.

He said he did not write the NEC; they wrote which he endorsed because from the email received, he decided on the second meeting that he did not want an amicable solution if that was the language from his colleagues to the NEC, they should tread straight legal grounds where NEC will conduct a hearing; cases would be presented and decisions taken because there, everybody will have an option whether or not to go to the Supreme Court.

Chairman Solo said, “At no time did I refuse to go to NEC. Individuals wrote for my removal and they went back and I said that my removal was illegal. They went back and crafted a suspension that was sent to the Grievance to be validated; where was this meeting held for removal or suspension. Where was this resolution taken from, in which meeting? Don’t you have to be invited to at least respond; is that not our laws? The point that I was not chairing it is a primary constitutional point and the point of me being invited as an accused is another point, neither of which happened.”

On the allegation of receiving money from Mr. Robert Sirleaf to have Mr. George Weah pause his ambition of contesting in the pending senatorial race, Mr. Solo said he had not met Mr. Sirleaf to discuss Mr. Weah’s ambition or anything of that nature and have not received any money from him as was assumed by his political colleagues.

Mr. Solo said the fundamental issue of the allegation is that when someone in an institution has a vision, people try to hunt them down and that was the case when he raised a critical issue during their last Executive Committee meeting about fund-raising money for the campaign process because individual digging into their individual pockets is not a political agenda, money must be raised noting, “however it’s misinterpreted or misrepresented, a political institution, those individuals still have not told me how one individual can sell a collective ideology”.

“If they come back to the position of saying I was going to convince Ambassador Weah, it is a disgrace to them, me and all of us who have put our efforts behind Amb. Weah because if this man can be convinced not to run, this is the same individual you are projecting to the wider Liberian audience to be their president, so their accusation is baseless. Amb.Weah cannot be convinced to make a political decision, he’s passed 18. He is an adult who is responsible for any decision he takes,” he said.

Chairman Solo said if any member of the CDC can show any video recording with him and Mr. Sirleaf or his mother, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf together discussing anything concerning or relating to the CDC, he (Solo) will not only resign from the party but will also relinquish his Liberian citizenship and go to live in the dessert in Mauritania.

Meanwhile, when Mr. Weah clarified how he intervened in the removal of his party chairperson, Solo, and he personally told them following their explanation at a called meeting that it is about time that they focus on the epidemic as a political institution instead of bickering among themselves and urged them to follow the due process if the chairperson is to be removed.

Amb.Weah said he told the EC members that the removal of Mr. Solo was not proper because there are laws that should have been followed which were not and that the right thing should be done if they believe that the chairperson went wrong instead of ousting him as was done.