Demanding Reports On Ebola Donations

SINCE THE EBOLA outbreak in Liberia there have been several donations made in cash as well as in kinds from the international community, individuals, and non- governmental organizations to help fight against the Ebola virus.

TO DATE, THOSE who have made donations include the Government of Liberia, the Federal Republic of Nigeria, the World Health Organization, the United Nations Organizations, the Chinese government, Ecobank-Liberia, the World Lebanese Culture Union in Liberia, the Indian Community in Liberia, some churches, Medicare Insurance, Touching Humanity in Need of Kindness, the Rotary Club of Monrovia and the IB International, the Lion’s Club, Winner’s Incorporated, Arcelor Mittal, and the Rural and Renewable Energy Agency, just to name a few.

PERSONAL CONTRIBUTIONS WERE made also and few persons still being remembered are Mr. Christopher Neyor, Luther Tarpeh, the Friends of Urey, Mr. Robert Sirleaf and Vice President Joseph Boakai who is said to be touring the counties especially in the Ebola affected counties.

IT IS ALSO no secret that some political parties joined in the fight against the virus and they include the Congress for Democratic Change, the ruling Unity Party, and the Liberty Party. Other donations were made unannounced as well to the National Task Force.

We believe that the National Task Force needs to give a full account of these contributions made so far so that public speculations cannot be entertained because as we always said, ‘to whom much is given much is expected.’

SOME PEOPLE ARE waiting to hear the report before making their initial or full contributions as some of the contributions already made are noted to be initial contributions and we believe that it will only become full when the contributor is guaranteed that the donation is expended for the intended purpose and that can only be done through information sharing.

WE DEMAND THE full report of these donations because Liberia as a gullible society, feeds on every information whether it is true or false and some donations were made directly to the Task Force while some were made to a Task Force representative in the affected communities; yet still, some under political motives with the Task Force not being in the know therefore we call on the National Task Force in the fight against Ebola to make its report as a means of clarity and accountability.

THIS REPORT SHOULD also target the number of survivors of Ebola as well as those who were not effected but taken to the treatment centers on suspicion and are now treated of their ailment and set free. We believe that this information could be a remedy of relief if not put to end the widespread fear about the isolation centers.

AGAIN, WE URGE the Task Force to act now by giving an in-depth report on how far it has come in terms of the donations made whether meager or huge, initial or full and how it has been expended as well as the balance on hand.

THE NATIONAL TASK Force on the fight against Ebola owes it to the public and if the public outcry should begin because of speculation based on failure to inform the people, our international partners will see us as people who are not prepared to get rid of Ebola from this country.

BUT IT IS said that, ‘where your money is, there your mouth should be also.’ A HINT TO THE WISE IS QUITE SUFFICIENT!