PUL Welcomes Curfew Exemption For Journalists

The Press Union of Liberia (PUL) has welcomed the inclusion of journalists on the list of professionals exempt from the curfew recently imposed as part of emergency measures to respond to the Ebola outbreak across the country.

The curfew exemption for journalists follows days of discussions between the PUL leadership and relevant government agencies.

When the curfew was initially announced, journalists were not granted any reprieve, but Information Minister Lewis Browne announced on Tuesday, August 26, 2014 that accredited journalists will be immune from the curfew while to or from work.

PUL President K AbdullaiKamara said “the Government’s initial decision was hard to comprehend, and this promoted lots of apprehension and speculations,” but expressed hope that all measures have been put into place to ensure that journalists are not inconvenienced.

Mr. Kamara has meanwhile called upon all journalists to tread cautiously, if they have to be out during curfew hours, and advised that they always travel with valid identifications, including their PUL accreditation cards.

The Union is at the same time calling on all its members that have not updated their membership to do so in the shortest possible time.