As Quarantine Exercise Continues: Dolo’s Residents Disappointed

By Antoinette Sendolo & Pinket Scott From Margibi County

Residents of the Dolo’s Town Community which is currently being quarantined in Margibi County have expressed serious disappointment over what they refer to as abandonment by the government of Liberia.   The Dolo’s Town community has been quarantined for a little over one week now due to the recent outbreak of the deadly Ebola virus which is said to have claimed the lives of several people in that part of the country and leaving others affected by the virus.

According to residents of the community the situation is embarrassing for them because they no longer have freedom to go about their normal activities, adding that the decision to quarantine the area was done without initial information given to the community dwellers.

Speaking to this paper, Esther Toe, believed to be in her late sixties, disclosed that since the quarantine process began the government has failed to meet their daily needs until yesterday when people who she referred to as the stronger once were seen receiving a cup of rice per person which she refused and later asked other family out of Dolo’s Town to provide her food.

Due to the current situation in that part of the country, residents claimed to be faced with series of challenges naming the increase in the prices of commodities and the lack of access to safe drinking water amongst others as a major problem.

Also speaking was a pregnant woman, Monica Laiky, who complained that members of the Police support Unit (PSU) are not allowing them to use the restroom which is just few steps away from the demarcation line drawn by the joint security forces.

She said due to the continuous refusal of the PSU they are constrained to use buckets or plastics in their homes at night and even during the day to ease themselves and they have to wait for nightfall to dispose of their wastes in the swamp, something she described as a serious embarrassment for them.

Monica however expressed fear and frustration that she will likely not be allowed to seek medical attention at the Duside Hospital where she normally goes on a monthly basis.

Residents of the Dolo’s Town community are however calling on the government to take action in dealing with the current situation they are faced with.

Meanwhile, the head of the Dolo’s Town Health Center which is now considered as an ‘Ebola Holding Center’, Mr. Mcforlard Kerkulah has called on the government of Liberia to provide Personal Protective Equipment in order for them to carry out their work effectively. Mr. Kerkulah noted that the clinic is not a treatment center but rather helping the process as a holding center where suspected Ebola patients would be kept for the period of 24 hours but complained that patients are being abandoned at the clinic something which he said is not safe for the nurses and even the other patients.

He said the clinic has been caring for five suspected Ebola patients but unfortunately one of the suspects expired two days ago and the Ebola response team was contacted but only showed out on yesterday to collect the remains after being kept in the same room with other patients for two days.

Mr. Kerkulah disclosed that several calls have been made for the suspected Ebola patients to be taken out of the center for further treatment but to no avail. He added that the suspected patients who were sent at the Ebola treatment center in Monrovia were sent back on grounds that there was no space at the treatment center to accommodate them.