Quarantine Exercise Smooth In Dolo’s Town

By Janjay F. Campbell

One of the quarantined communities in Liberia, Dolo’s Town in Margibi County remained calm yesterday despite clashes in West Point, a densely populated community that was also quarantined in Monrovia.

According to a team of Inquirer reporters who visited the community observed that despite the calmness of the township, residents of Dolo’s Town have complained of lack of food and medication in the affected community. Dolo’s Town and West Point were quarantined recently by the Government of Liberia as the Ebola virus spreads in both communities.

The town which is in the Harbel area is surrounded by police and military officers to make sure that no one leaves the town. Meanwhile the residents are moving about with their normal activities while health workers are going from house to house to take temperatures of residents.

The Joint Task Force commander at Dolo’s Town, Lt. Gavan Milton said the people of Dolo’s Town are very peaceful and cooperative and that they are having no problem at all as everything is going on very smoothly and that in fact the youths are the ones who are creating awareness and making sure that everyone takes the preventive measures necessary.

He said the residents are so peaceful as though nothing is happening and there is no sign of hostility from the youths or the older people. They are glad that the people have realized that what the Government is doing is for their own good.

At the same time, the Acting City Mayor of Unification City, Emmanuel Fayia Fartumay, said he is glad that the youths are willing to work along with the Joint Task Force. He said there is no problem at all and that they are praying for the Ebola Virus to go away.

According to him, they have had several cases and they are doing all they could to make sure that the people of Dolo’s Town take the preventive measures. He said they are glad that the death rate has reduced, but that one thing that should be clear is that all the deaths are not Ebola related.

He further said that Bassa community that is within Dolo’s Town is highly infected and that those who are suspected are willing to do all they can to get well again. Meanwhile, the Cotton Tree community has a suspected case of the Ebola virus.

He stressed that the family of six have been locked up in a house waiting for the Ministry of Health to send a health team to collect specimen and take the family to an isolation center.

Meanwhile Senator Clarice Jah and Ballah Zayzay have donated food and other assorted items to the people of Dolo’s Town.

One of the youths who is helping to create awareness and making sure that everyone takes preventive measure, James Fayiah, said they are willing to work along with the Joint Task Force to contain the Ebola virus in their town.