JEP, Voinjama Youth Join Ebola Fight

The youth of Voinjama district with support from the John Emmanuel Paivey Foundation has given twenty-five buckets and other items to ten communities within the district. The buckets were placed at strategic locations within the communities to ensure that people are able to wash their hands with chlorinated water as a means of preventing the spread of the Ebola virus.

As the buckets were being distributed within the communities the youth explained to citizens about the virus, its symptoms, how it can be contracted, the importance of suspending traditional practices at this time especially burial rites, how people could protect themselves from contracting the virus and what to do when there are suspected cases of virus within the communities.

The communities benefitting from the donation and awareness initiative included central Voinjama, Mandingo quarter, kissi quarter, and several motocycle parking stations.

Receiving the donation at the Mandingo quarter parking station Mohammed Kamara, the operations person called on the youth group to take its activities to other parts of Voinjama including Bakedu town from where he hailed, a place where reverence to the dead such as bathing is a deeply entrenched traditional practice that has been one of the major causes of the rapid spread of the disease. Mr. Kamara said he was happy with the efforts and that his kinsman needed to be continuously educated about the disease.

The origin of the Ebola viral outbreak in Liberia is traced to Lofa County. Since its spread in Liberia, Lofa continue to have the highest number of death and reported cases as a result of the rapid spread of the disease which is due to migration and traditional practices such as burial and funeral rites.

The youth chair   Andrew Akoi said the donations and awareness activities are sponsored by the John Emmanuel Paivey Foundation, a Philanthropic organization with the goal of assisting and empowering the most vulnerable in society.

He said the activities of the youth will continue in the coming days with the expansion of a coalition of Zoes, elders, Imam, women and youth groups’ to continue the initiative to fight the spread of the Ebola disease in Lofa County.

Mr. AKoi said he was concern about sustaining the wash stations within the communities where the bucket had been placed due to the limited quantity of chlorine distributed. He called on other Liberians and citizens hailing from Lofa to support the initiative by making donations through the foundation.

The John Emmanuel Paivey Foundation is appealing to international organizations and other Liberians at home and abroad to support the efforts to stop the spread of the Ebola disease in Lofa County.