Calm Returns To Central Monrovia, West Point

By Lincoln Barcon (Cub Reporter)

Following serious tension between residents of West Point and security forces on Wednesday, calm has returned to the densely populated community and Monrovia.

State security including the Armed Forces of Liberia, Liberia National Police and other paramilitary security forces deployed in the troubled community restored calm in West Point and surrounding areas after the community was quarantined by government.

West Point was quarantined as a result of the surfacing of the deadly Ebola virus in the township that hosts over 40,000 of Liberia’s population. Visiting the community late Wednesday evening, Police Director Chris Massaquoi called for calm following Wednesday’s incident.

The quarantining of the congested community of West Point led to serious commotion and massive looting of the Holding Center that was established in the community prior to the quarantining. The situation has been brought under control by the Liberia National Police headed by Director Chris Massaquoi and the Liberian military under the command of Defense Minister, Brownie Samukai.

Commercial activities and the movement of residents of Monrovia were impeded when news broke out on Wednesday that West Point has been quarantined by Government.

Director Massaquoi who toured the West Point community encouraged residents to remain calm and do away with social activities including football and other sporting activities. He said sports is one of the easiest ways of contracting the deadly Ebola virus. Director Massaquoi also encouraged them to adhere to the preventive measures given by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare to avoid the spread of the Ebola virus.

Director Massaquoi met and spoke with residents of the West Point community late Wednesday evening following serious commotion between residents and state security. He called on the residents to allow health workers carry on their responsibilities in the community in order to protect themselves against the deadly Ebola virus.

The Police boss ordered the reopening of the Police Depot in the West Point Community and Slipway. He then urged residents of the quarantined community to return to their various houses as government was doing everything possible to provide food, medication and other basic necessities for those in the community.

He further stated that the situation that led to the serious tension between state securities and residents of the quarantined township of West Point was as the result of the township of West Point denying health workers from performing their tasks and the looting of the hospital.

According to our reporter a team from the Liberia National Police and some journalists who visited the township late Wednesday evening observed that security forces deployed in the area including soldiers of the Armed Forces of Liberia, the Liberia National Police have succeeded in restoring calm in the densely populated slum community of West Point.