Lebanese Community Donates To Ebola

By Jefferson D. Tweh

The World Lebanese Cultural Union of Liberia (WLCU) yesterday donated several materials and items to the National Task Force to help curtail the spreads of the deadly Ebola virus.   The union donated 2,000 bags of rice,60,000 packs of biscuits,4,000 packs of juice,40 pieces of beds,2,400 bottles of oil,24,000 bottles of water,4,800 bottles of clora,22,000 cakes of soap,4,800 bottles of alcohol,200 pieces of mattresses,1,800 rolls of tissues, one photo copy machine and two pickups.

The Acting President of World Lebanese Cultural Union of Liberia, Mr. AballahChahni, disclosed that the donations to the National Task Force on Ebola was intended to buttress the Government of Liberia’s effort in fighting the deadly Ebola virus in the country.

According to him, the WLCU is pleased to donate items including two vehicles estimated at US$175,000.00 to the Government of Liberia through the National Task Force to help fight the deadly Ebola virus.

“We want to assure you that the Lebanese Community will continue its commitment to this national cause and stand ready to go beyond the call of duty to wipe out the deadly Ebola virus outside Liberia,”Mr. Chahni concluded.

General Services Agency (GSA) Director, Madam Mary T. Broh lauded the World Lebanese Cultural Union for the significant contribution made to the National Task Force on Ebola and that the items would be used for the intended purpose.