Defense Clarifies

Defense Clarifies

The Ministry of National Defense wishes to state categorically that the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) has not been issued any order to shoot and kill anybody on sight, as was reported by some media outlets.

It can be recalled that on Friday, August 15, 2014, Col. Eric W. Dennis, Deputy Chief of Staff of the AFL and a team of security personnel toured counties in Western Liberia, assuring residents that their lives were not threatened, but protected in totality under the watch of the AFL.

During this tour, Col. Dennis called on the AFL Task Force to remain vigilant in the execution of its assigned mission. He cautioned personnel of the AFL to be cautious in dealing with the civilians if the nation is to succeed in the fight against the deadly Ebola virus.

He called on soldiers of the AFL assigned at major crossing points to be judicious in the application of the rules engagement when their lives are perceived to be threatened. The Deputy chief of staff assured the citizens of the Western Region of the AFL fullest protection and praised them for level of cooperation being rendered to the AFL which has greatly enhanced their fight against the Ebola virus.

The Ministry of National Defense assures the citizens of Liberia and its international partners that the AFL remains a force for good and therefore calls on the public for understanding given the current security conditions as the nation collectively unite in the fight against the deadly Ebola virus.

Meanwhile the Honorable Minister of National Defense of Liberia says he enjoys a cordial relationship with his colleagues of the Manor River Union Basin and therefore hopes that the concerted efforts aimed creating an Ebola freed sub-region remains a major priority.