Following Looting In West Point: More Stringent Measures Soon…34 Ebola Suspects Cleared At ELWA

By Timothy Seaklon

The Government of Liberia (GOL) has announced that it intends to take further and tougher measures aimed at enhancing the fight against the deadly Ebola virus in Monrovia.

The GOL said because the Ebola virus is on an upward trend in densely populated Monrovia, those measures will serve as a means of bringing things under control.

Information Minister Lewis Brown who did not name these measures said people are still gathering in large numbers at various entertainment centers, saying, “I told you we will take further measures and if we close down entertainment centers and you decide to go and gather in corners you will be harming yourself. Don’t do that to yourself.”

Earlier Minister Brown disclosed that the Government of Liberia and the people of West Point have been meeting and the leaders of the community promised to return looted materials including medical supplies.

Last Saturday, youths of West Point looted a Holding Center for suspected Ebola patients in the Township on ground that they did not want any Ebola center in the area.

However Minister Brown said the leadership of West Point informed the government that the youths were misled and after making series of announcements in the West Point, the looted generator and other looted medical materials including looted mattresses were returned.

Minister Brown said the people of West Point told Government that they have put together a task force to mend the looted facility and as such they are appealing to the government to reopen the Holding Center in the township.

The information Minister said in this regard, the center will be re-opened today to render treatment to suspected Ebola patients.

He also disclosed that seventeen suspected Ebola patients who were made displaced as a result of the looting have reported themselves in and are now at the JFK Hospital Ebola Center receiving treatment.

Minister Brown also said the former Cholera Center at the JFK Hospital has been transformed into an Ebola Center with eleven Ugandans and two doctors with 120 beds under the sponsorship of the World Health Organization (WHO) while the ELWA Center with 40 beds is under the Medicine San Frontier (MSF).

Minister Brown also disclosed that 34 Ebola suspects have been clear of the virus and released from the ELWA Ebola Center

Minister Brown said three doctors are currently responding to treatment after they were administer the Zemark drug although he declined to say who they are or at which center they are being treated.

Minister Brown also said Dr. Bernice Dahn is currently working on the reactivation of various hospitals in the current and drugs for other illnesses are on their way to ten counties as the other five counties have supplies that will last from now to September. He also said routine vaccines for all sickness have been distributed to fifty health centers.

Minister Brown disclosed that the Redemption Hospital, the JFK and other centers are now open but stressed that the catholic Hospital is not yet open because it is a private hospital.

Later the spokesman of the Elders of West Point apology to President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the Government of Liberia for the looting of the Hold Center in the township.