Appealing To Monrovians

Since the upsurge of the Ebola virus in Monrovia, authorities continue to struggle with how to manage the situation and bring things under control. As a result of this, several measures including the suspension of schooling activities and other steps have been taken by the Government of Liberia to enhance the fight against Ebola. However, with these measures it appears that the people of Monrovia are still in the state of denial, a situation that is causing suspected Ebola cases to increase by the days.

One of such incidents that might lead to the increase in the cases of suspected Ebola is the Saturday episode at the Township of West Point when uniformed youths went on the rampage and looted a Holding Center for suspected Ebola patients making away with mattresses stained with blood, some protective gears for health workers that have been used, food and some medical supplies for the patients.

At news conference yesterday in Monrovia, Liberia’s Information Minister Lewis Brown said the Ebola situation in Monrovia is increasing and the government will announce new measures soon for Monrovia. Minister Brown said Monrovia being a densely populated place requires that residents adhere to preventive measures being prescribed by the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in a bid to stop the further spread of the Ebola virus. Apparently this is the case because several individuals especially those living in the slum of Monrovia are still in denial when it comes to the spread of the virus.

Whatever the new measures to be announced by government may be, people are already speculating that entertainment centers including video clubs might be closed. Others are of the view that the government might close market buildings or impose a curfew to stop the further spread of the Ebola virus thus ending the untimely death of number of citizens. Again whatever the measure might be, the will to stop the spread of the virus depends seriously with Liberians especially Monrovians here, in this overpopulated city. Government may take actions to save lives but if the people become intransigent, then situations will undoubtedly worsen.

It is in this vein that we are appealing to all Monrovians to stop this denial and begin to respect and adhere to the preventive measures that are working in other terrains such as Guinea and our own Lofa County where the Ebola rate is decreasing gradually. It is important for Monrovians and all Liberians to know that this disease has no cure, can kill and has the propensity to fracture an entire family, community or group when preventive measures are not taken seriously and practiced. However, when everybody begin to adhere to these measures which include the washing of hands, avoiding body contacts such as handshakes and hugging as well as keeping away from crowded places, serious improvement will be seen.

We are appealing to Monrovians because we want to see an improvement relative to curtailing the spread of the virus because it has no boundary and does not know the rich, the poor, the strong or those who are frail. The more Monrovians believe that Ebola is real and begin to take preventive measures to the core, we will fast defeat this virus in our little but enjoyable Monrovia and begin the process of rebuilding our lives and console those bereaved and move forward.