‘Water In The Desert’ Observes 16th Anniversary…Rev. Brown Calls On The Church To Give Back To Community

The New Water in the Desert Assembly in Brewerville last Sunday celebrated 16 years of holistic Church Ministry and eleven years of peace in the Republic of Liberia.

With theme: ‘Lord We Are Grateful’, and scriptural text taken from Luke 17:11-19, the Church offered Thanksgiving Prayer to God for families, the Church and the nation for keeping Liberia in peace.

The Thanksgiving sermon was delivered by Rev. Samuel Quire, Special Assistant to the Bishop of the Liberia Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church and he used his theme, “He who receives a Divine Grace needs to be thankful.”

The Methodist prelate said that through his observation he has learned that God is very close to Liberia, but yet Liberians are very far from God; stating that Liberians have always complained about their leaders but they have refused to change from their old attitudes.

“Where are Liberians today after their cries unto God to deliver them during the war; all you can see is the multiplication of video clubs and night clubs. Now that the deadly Ebola is here, we are once again coming back to God for deliverance; we are very hard to learn,” he stated.

The prelate warned Liberians to be very careful how they handle national problems, stating that the country is sitting on a time bomb waiting to explode, adding, “There are some young people in this country who are gearing up for any problem that will spark up for them to loot.”

Rev. Quire provided hope for believers when he quoted Psalm 50: 6 upward stating that all that Christians need is to offer thanks and praises to God and call on Him to have mercy, and then He will deliver them from all pestilence.

He concluded his sermon by calling on Liberians to call on God for mercy at which time he instructed the congregation to lie prostrate on the floor to call on God to deliver Liberia.

The Pastor of the New Water in the Desert Assembly, Dr. Kortu Brown thanked the congregation for having a successful anniversary and contributing to the ‘Feed My Sheep’ Program initiated by the Church.

He called on all Churches in Liberia to give back to the community most especially during this time of the outbreak of a deadly virus called Ebola and said that it is not only enough to spread the Ebola message to the communities when the people are not being fed.

“It is not only Ebola killing people right now; people are hungry therefore it is time that the Church fulfills her social responsibility to the community,” Rev. Brown stated.

Bishop Brown also warned Liberians to do away with electing people into power who practice homosexualism and said it is against God’s will that a man marries another man while a woman marries another woman.

The New Water in The Dessert Assembly was founded in 1998 and is the Headquarter Church of the Apostolic Pentecostal Church Int’l.