Alleged ‘Mad Man’ Creates Havoc At LBS

By C. Winnie Saywah-Jimmy

The early morning news and Super Morning Show were stalled yesterday when an unidentified young man lay before the main entrance of the Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS) pretending to be terribly ill of the Ebola virus.

The presence of the man created disorder thereby preventing workers from entering the compound and or leaving as those inside could not come out while those coming to work had to turn around in fear while the management made every effort to get the National Task Force to come to their rescue.

LBS employees who had already begun to believe that the man had contracted the virus were scared to death but the man later got up and began speaking loudly telling the crowd how he had been sick for days and that the Task Force had refused to take him to a health care, isolation or observation center.

The performance of the man created a dramatic scene as passers-by and community members, who were greeted by the man who had by then stripped himself naked, crowded the surroundings of the entrance but could not get close to him because he pretended to be desperate to touch anyone stating that he wanted others to die along with him.

While the crowd grew, the performer who took along a Holy Bible began to act as though he were preaching but by then, seven securities at the LBS entrance were all in their hiding places while those watching at the scene were at a distance.

Later, some individuals believed to be his relative arrived on the scene and grabbed him by the arms and without saying a word to anyone took him away; it was several minutes after the incident subsided that the health team led by the Director on Ebola, Tolbert Nyenswuah arrived on the scene.