West Pointers Reject Ebola Center…Hospital Looted

West Pointers Reject Ebola Center…Hospital Looted

By Edwin G. Wandah

Several residents in West Point were seen on Saturday looting the West Point Hospital ahead of fear that the Government of Liberia was planning to establish another Ebola Center in the area.   Currently, ELWA hosts the only Ebola Center in Montserrado County, but the residents feared that building the center in the area was going to increase the spreading of the deadly virus in the already jammed packed community.

West Point, which is situated right at the center of Monrovia, serves as one of the congested communities in Monrovia, dominantly occupied by business people and ordinary residents.

Meanwhile, when this paper visited the disputed area on Saturday, several persons, including youths, women and elderly men were seen looting the beddings and other medical equipment at the hospital.

The scene of the looting which appeared dramatic attracted the attention of ordinary people who stood astounded with disbelief at what was occurring.

“What kind of people are we as West Point people loot the hospital? This is unbelievable, so when they loot the hospital, what happens if they get sick? This behavior should stop and we need to stop this behavior,” a resident stated.

Our reporters who were on the scene vividly saw several hospital beddings, a big generator, bags containing personal items perhaps for some of the patients or health workers, and several bags of 25kg of parboil rice being looted by the residents.

About three persons were believed to have died and their remains were still in the area. According to residents who preferred anonymity said the death of the people was unknown.

The resident further explained that since the community residents including family members of the deceased persons called on the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare including the Ebola Response Unit with no positive response.

The residents said they have called on the health officials concerning previous deaths that occurred which the Health or Ebola response officials have not told them the root-cause of the death of these persons.

A resident explained that a pastor in the area, John Kargba who visited the West Point Hospital to seek medical attention after he felt ill with fever, returned home helpless after health officials at the West Point Hospital sprayed the vicinity.

According to the residents, Pastor John Kargba instantly died at the threshold of his house upon his return from the hospital thereby making three dead bodies in the area.

In another development, another pastor was mysteriously found dead in his home in Paynesville and according to eye witnesses; Pastor Eric Gorden was seen lying dead at his Duport Road residence on Friday morning.

Sources also said that Pastor Gorden previously lived in the area with his family prior to his demise.

Meanwhile, angry residents on Saturday took the wife of the pastor for questioning at the police station in Paynesville.