Many Denounce Looting In West Point…3 Suspected Ebola Victims Die In New George

By: Timothy T. Seaklon& Morrison O.G. Sayon

Many citizens have denounced the behavior of residents of West Point for ransacking and looting a quarantine center in the area.

Last Saturday residents of the congested community rejected the Government of Liberia and international partners move to erect the Ebola center in the area.

As a result of their fear and rejection of the center, residents of West Point went on the rampage and looted the facilities that were brought into the area for the treatment of Ebola patients.

However, many Liberians called the West Pointers’ action as a stave in their own back while other believe that residents of the community had lost an opportunity.

“It is unbelievable that someone will go into an Ebola Center and take away Mattresses, buckets, rice that was in stock for Ebola Patient, Ebola protective gears some of which were already used. This action will spread Ebola in West Point and I believe this township is now at risk” one health worker told the INQUIRER yesterday.

A resident of West Point(named withheld) said some of the Mattresses that were looted are now in the homes of others or have found their way on the market something which has the propensity to further spread the virus in West Point and beyond.

“This is a big damage that is now hanging over the people of Monrovia because white Ebola suits that were already used were also looted and it is rumor that they might find their way on the market” another resident told the INQUIRER.

In Monrovia closed to eighty percent of callers on talk show denounced the act of the west pointers noting that this act was carrying out people who still denying that there is no Ebola in Liberia. “This denial thing is causing Liberia to lose more lives to Ebola” a caller said.

During a visit to West Point yesterday it was also discovered that Ebola fear has grip the area after many got to realized that the looting of the Ebola Center could further spread the disease.

“My man this thing is not a joking things and I believe this township and beyond will experience a serious outbreak of the Ebola sickness since people used their bare hands to touch these Ebola mattresses, buckets and protective suits that were already used,” a school teacher who intends to leave West Point said.

“Ignorant, greediness and illiteracy are factors that contributed to people walking into the Ebola center to loot things that have been used already. I saw some of the looted mattresses that had blood stint on them God bless the people of West Point,” a student said.

Mr. Tarnue Wolowala, a resident of Monrovia recommended that to stop the further spread of the Ebola virus, government should do more and if it requires that the entire West Point bbe quarantine such a decision must be take

In a related development information reaching this paper says at least three persons have died from suspected Ebola in New Georgia Estate.

The INQUIRER has also been informed that another person is now on the run after sensing that his two brothers died mysteriously at their business center on the New Georgia Estate. It was recently disclosed to this paper that two brothers who were running the Free and Fair Business Center at the New Georgia West Junction died of suspected Ebola.

An anonymous source also told this paper that the mother of the two brothers died later thus, instilling fear among the family. When the other brother learnt about the unfortunate situation according to our report, he escaped from the community for his life.

What is most disturbing according to residents of New Georgia is that the brother who escaped (name withheld) might take the virus to other communities where he will be interacting with residents of those areas thus, spreading the virus.

“We are afraid whether these boys died from Ebola that is why we have chlorinate the entire shop and surroundings where they were selling, our greatest fear is that their other brother ran away, we do not know whether he is taking the virus with him,” said Mamie Doe, a concerned resident of New Georgia.

Residents of New Georgia are now living in fear as a result of the recent death of the three persons who were very active and moving actively in the community. “They were very young and energetic, charging phones here but died mysteriously, later, their mother also died, so where are suspected that this could be Ebola,” said another resident who preferred anonymity.

Meanwhile, residents of New Georgia have rejected the establishment of an Ebola testing center in the area. The residents most of whom are young people have threatened to stage a protest if their Representative, Saa Joseph forced the establishment of the center on the estate.

In brief interview via mobile phone yesterday, Rep. Joseph said he proposed the idea of establishing a testing center in the area but the residents vehemently refused to this and said they will protest any attempt to do so.

Rep. Joseph said as representative of the people, he must listen to them and so, the will of the citizens must prevailed against his wish. Those many see the establishing of a testing center as a good idea, Joseph said his people are not willing to cooperate with such idea and therefore, he alone cannot force anything of such.

At the same time, the District#13 lawmaker has confirmed the death of three persons of suspected Ebola in the New Georgia Estate, but did not give detail of the circumstances leading to their death.

The door to the Free and Fair Business center remain closed since the death of the two persons. Residents have chlorinated the entire area though they are living in fear after one of the brothers escaped the community.