Chronicle Publisher Still Undergoing Police Investigation

The publisher of the National Chronicle Newspaper, Philipbert Brown yesterday continued day two of police questioning at the headquarters of the Liberia National Police.

Mr. Brown who according to Police spokesman, Sam Collins was invited to give the police insight about contents written in his local daily concerning an interim government being set up while the country has a sitting president.

It is reported that the newspaper was shut down last week by the government and denied flogging some employees, as the premises forced opened by heavily armed police officers, an allegation that the police spokesman is yet to confirm.

Mr. Collins told reporters that the police did not need a warrant to invite someone it believed had knowledge of what he was publishing and denied the use of tear gas at the premises of the paper where it had gone to effect closure.

It is reported that the Liberian government revoked the operational license of the paper and Mr. Brown is recorded as saying that the news of his paper’s closure was communicated to him because it had published contents calling for the removal of the government or announced the formation of an interim government.

Meanwhile, the president of the Press Union of Liberia, Kamara A. Kamara confirmed that investigation is ongoing and that today, lawyers will be present at the investigation so that hearing can proceed as the paper remains suspended.