Boy, 19, With Disorganized Left Eye Cries For Help

The mother of a nineteen-year old Abel Leaboe, is asking for assistance to enable her ailing son seek medical attention out of the country.

Abel was seen and examined at the John F. Kennedy Medical Center on July 9, 2014 for complaint of pain in his left eye since March 2013. According to the hospital report under the signature of attending physician, Dr. Edward Guizzie, Abel was diagnosed of orbital mass.

He explained to the J.F.K Hospital how he had earlier been referred to the Benson Hospital where he underwent lid surgery and because the condition continued to worsen, Abel was again referred to the Jackson F. Doe Hospital for CT scan of the brain and left orbital canal.

The J.F.K. Hospital recommendation following a diagnostic test is that Abel’s left eye ball was disorganized and that he suffers ‘left eye rhabdomyosarcoma.’ The hospital regrets that its facilities had limitation and advised that the patient seek medical attention abroad for more investigation and proper management to a specialized eye center.

Meanwhile, the mother of Able, Madam Beatrice Leaboe who lives in the Pipeline Community, can be contacted on cell number 231-886-711-387. Others to be contacted in case someone wants to provide them assistance should be Roosevelt Tomgar on cell number; 231-886-824-833 and Melvin Leaboe, 231-886-444-270.