Rumor Of “Caskets With Arms” Pulls Crowd

Rumor Of “Caskets With Arms” Pulls Crowd

By Morrison O.G. Sayon

The Zone three Police Depot in Congo Town was a scene of pandemonium when it was alleged that a quantity of arms and ammunition have been discovered in two caskets under the guise of corpses being taken for burial.

A team of INQUIRER reporters who visited the scene of the incident observed the presence of hundreds of citizens who thronged the police station to get first hand information relative to the incident at the police depot.

Some of them informed this paper that two caskets loaded with arms and ammunitions were being arrested by police assigned at the Zone Three Depot. Though the information spread out like wide fire that indeed the caskets were loaded with guns, it proved to be false and misleading as police at the station said there was nothing like arms and ammunition discovered in the vehicles.

Patrick T. Sadue, Deputy Senior Inspector for Operation at the Liberia National Police disclosed that no arm was discovered in any casket as was rumored. He said what really transpired was that a group of persons belonging to the Mandingo ethnic group were carrying two dead bodies for burial on the Old Road who were stopped by police assigned at the Depot to show some documents of authorization.

Mr. Sadue said while the police were trying to execute their mandate, those who were carrying the bodies could not present any death certificate or other documents to prove that they were authorized to bury the dead, something that caused the police to deny them from taking the bodies from the station.

Sadue said the situation resulted to a serious fracas as the Mandingos insisted on taking away the dead bodies for burial, something the police vehemently refused. He said while in the process, the police called on the Extraction Team of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to take the bodies away for burial.

According to Mr. Sadue, what really sparked up the commotion was that some group of youths on the Old Road had earlier planned to attack those who were to take the bodies in their community for burial. He said when the police was hinted on the situation, they were on the alert to stop any one carrying dead bodies for burial in the Old Road community.

Sadue said there were nothing like arms and ammunition on board any of the vehicles that were carrying the bodies in caskets as was rumored.