Intellectual Group Urges Liberians On Ebola

The High Table Intellectuals (HI) a group of professionals are calling on Liberians to take the Ebola outbreak in the country serious.

The group said, all Liberians must join the task force headed by President Eller Johnson Sirleaf to fight and eradicate this deadly Ebola virus that is killing Liberians.

According to a release, the High Table Intellectuals noted that Liberians should go beyond considering the Ebola issue as a myth and begin to believe that it is real.

The release says, how many people should die before some Liberians believe that Ebola is real?

The release further said, the world health organization (WHO) report says1 over nine hundred (900) persons have been killed in Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia by the deadly Ebola virus.

The High Table Intellectuals organization is calling on government to open all government health centers. This group said government should also protect health workers in the country.

The release pointed out, that all citizens and foreign nationals should observe the protective measures prescribed by health authorities such as washing hands with clora; tie soap and delta water for safety.

The group is however, commending government for prioritizing the health of its citizens especially with enormous mobilization and awareness in the eradication process of the deadly Ebola virus from Liberia.

The “group welcomes the donation of medical materials to the Liberian government valued at 1.7 Million United States Dollars by the Chinese Government.