Welcoming The Opening Of Health Facilities, But…

LAST THURSDAY, THE Minister of Information, Lewis Brown, while addressing the regular press briefing of that Ministry disclosed that several medical facilities which closed down as a result of the deadly Ebola virus would have resumed full operation since last week Friday.

MINISTER BROWN SAID training, and in many cases retraining of medical staffs and healthcare workers has been ongoing. He said the JFK completed their training since Thursday and was to reopen its doors beginning with the Emergency and the OBGYN sections on Friday.

HE STATED FURTHER that the hospital would’ve become fully operational by last weekend. Similar training according to Minister Brown began at the Redemption Hospital on Thursday after decontamination and fumigation of the facility. He added that the Redemption would’ve opened its doors on Friday beginning with the Out-Patient Department, OBGYN and the Emergency sections but that the Redemption Hospital is expected to become fully operational by today.

AT THE ELWA Hospital, according to Minister Brown, decontamination and fumigation began last Wednesday, while training for healthcare workers and medical staffs commenced on Thursday of last week. He added that the doors of the ELWA Hospital are expected to be reopened by today. Brown said similar training and detailed procedures to limit the risks of exposure of healthcare workers are ongoing across the country and have been completed in various clinics and community health centers. He said these safety measures and protocols will be monitored and supervised by the Liberia Medical and Dental Council.

HE ADDED THAT the 80-bed Ebola Treatment Facility at ELWA will be completed in a week and a team of Ugandan healthcare workers, including two doctors are in the country, courtesy of the WHO, to partner and train Liberians who are managing the ELWA Treatment Center with support from the MSF and the WHO.

WE INDEED WELCOME the reopening of these health facilities in and around the city as this will greatly assist in the fight against this vicious deadly Ebola virus that is bent on devastating the country. Consequently, the reopening of these major hospitals will help cater to citizens and residents of Liberia who are experiencing illnesses that might not be Ebola-related.

AS THE GOVERNMENT of Liberia (GOL) is working with the various hospitals and relevant groups for the reopening of these hospitals, it’s hoped that proper mechanism will be designed and put into place for the proper management of the nation’s health care delivery systems. This we believe will facilitate the treatment of all kinds of illnesses since all illnesses are not necessarily Ebola cases.

WHILE WE ARE concerned about the wellbeing of those involved and engaged with the nation’s health care delivery system, all must be done to ensure that they are provided tangible protective gears to work in a manner in which not every dead person is a victim of Ebola. If every dead body is considered an Ebola victim with proper screening the number of Ebola victims might swell to an unprecedented number that might give the right figure of Ebola victims or Liberia might top Sierra Leone and Guinea in terms of the number of Ebola deaths.