Tipoteh Against Sale Of Oil Block

Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh, the internationally renowned economist and 2011 Presidential Candidate, is insisting that the State of emergency is only to end the presence of the Ebola virus in Liberia. He is bringing to the attention of the people of Liberia and friends of Liberia the true meaning of the Declaration of the State of Emergency made by the President of Liberia.

According to Dr. Tipoteh, the President declared the State of Emergency, as heard from herself in the media, only because it is necessary to put Ebola out of Liberia quickly. Dr. Tipoteh says that he is raising this concern because there are on-going discussions between the government and investors on the possible sale of additional oil blocks, as the State of Emergency exists. In fact, Dr. Tipoteh is calling upon the government of Liberia to end these discussions on the additional oil blocks now so that the government can focus on uniting the people of Liberia around the struggle to put an end to Ebola in Liberia.

Dr. Tipoteh, in his statement to the media over the weekend, went on to say that the Ebola crisis provides an opportunity for the government to unite all Liberians, be they Christians, Muslims,

people of other religions, Civil Society Activists and business people, in the patriotic drive to save Liberia from the Ebola virus. Dr. Tipoteh is hopeful that Liberians can take advantage of this opportunity to demonstrate their love for Liberia by working together to stop Ebola.

When Liberians work together to overcome this deadly Ebola virus, Dr. Tipoteh says that Liberia will have a better future, especially for the children of Liberia.