Redemption Re-opens Without Patients…Catholic, JFK, ELWA, Others Yet To Do So

By Janjay F. Campbell

The Redemption Hospital in New Kru Town yesterday re-opened its doors to the public but experienced shock and dismay as there were no patients visible for treatment.

When our reporter who visited the hospital yesterday asked why there was no one coming in for treatment, the security guard who was at the emergency entrance said most people are afraid since the Government of Liberia announced that medical workers should take all cases as Ebola cases.

Meanwhile, the Catholic Hospital is still closed to the public. When asked why the hospital is not open when the Government has asked that all hospitals should be opened on Monday, the Chief Medical Officer of Catholic Hospital, Dr. Bomah, said the hospital was closed due to procedure and that the hospital will use that same procedure to open.

Dr. Bomah told this paper at his residence in the hospital compound, that the Government was asking their own hospitals to open but not the Catholic Hospital. The hospital compound is deserted except for those who are staying in the compound.

Our reporter who also visited the country’s biggest referral hospital, the John F. Kennedy Hospital observed that it is still closed. When the Public Relations Officer was contacted and asked why the hospital was still closed, he declined to comment.

As for the ELWA Hospital that is located on the Robertsfield Highway, it is partially closed due to the Ebola virus that affected two of its doctors. However, part of it is still opened only to pregnant women. When asked to speak with the administrator, the security said he was not around and that there was no one around to speak with the press.

While at the hospital, our reporter observed that there was a lady pleading with a security guard to allow her car in the compound to enable her sister get treatment. The lady was denied entry on grounds that the hospital is not fully yet opened, as it was only treating pregnant women.

The government of Liberia through the Information Ministry last week announced the reopening of hospitals in the country.