LoneStar Cell Awards Winners

By Victor C. Hanson, Jr

One of Liberia’s GSM companies, LoneStar Cell over the weekend has given US$ 5,000.00 to some of its subscribers who were to travel to the United States of America (USA) but are unable to go due to the Ebola outbreak in the country.

Making remark at the ‘Da You Time Na Promo’ Ceremony held at Lonestar Cell office in Congo Town, Dr. Laurence Bropleh said, “We are not only the wildest in terms of our courage and present across the country but also in our promotion because there are no manipulations as other places may be.”

Dr. Bropleh pointed out that the LoneStar Cell “Da Your Time Na Promo” has changed the lives of many Liberians who had never dreamt of being winners of the company’s raffle; he also said when one wins he or she is not to be given money but due to the situation the company has to change its plan.

He mentioned that an option has been given and that when one wins he or she travels to few places inclusive the US supported by the LoneStar Cell but it should be understood that they do not control the US Visa, and foreign policy.

Dr. Bropleh said, “You are all dignified Liberians, well positioned as young people, and love your country, and you have tax to return to this country; unfortunately that was not convincible enough to the US Consular that you all were denied Visa, and we are silent about that,” he said.

He stated that all the winners are important to LoneStar Cell, and because of being the winners they have decided not to break the rule neither to worsen it but to enhance the rule so that it is sensitive enough to still support their winners in the process.

Dr. Bropleh said the US$ 5,000.00 each that they have decided to give to their winners is a full compensation package that is inclusive of their air tickets, time in New York, and everything that was made promised to them (winners).

He added that whenever LoneStar Cell says it, it does it, and it’s why they support the Liberian nation in the fight against the deadly Ebola outbreak in the country and they took the lead by sending out text messages to the public that caused the company about US$ 30, 000.00 for each batch of message.

Mr. Bropleh said they are doing it because they support the government, Ministry of Health & Social Welfare (MOH&SW), the call center, and the entire country because Ebola is no discriminatory; he also encouraged everyone in the LoneStar Cell network to play and be a winner.

For his part one of the winners named, Darlington G. Paye said US$ 5,000.00 is money to change his life from one stage to another; he also said that LoneStar Cell has done what he had never dreamt about in his life.

Mr. Paye appreciated LoneStar Cell for transforming his life by making him one of their lucky “Da Your Time Na Promo” winners, and also urged every Liberian to stop the doubt about LoneStar Cell raffle because it’s simply true and fair, he concluded.