Five Guilty For Drug Trafficking…Judge Kaba To Finally Rule On Thursday

By Edwin G. Wandah

Jurors of Criminal Court C at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia on Friday of last week rendered five men guilty of transporting and being in possession of narcotic drugs worth several thousand Liberian dollars.

Perry Dolo, Augustine Saah, Cyrus Slewion, Sekou Rogers and Mohammed Bah were on Friday found culpable of the crimes for what the jurors considered the five men guilty of the act.

The defendants will on Thursday reappear in court to attend the final ruling from Criminal Court C and Judge Yusuf Kabbah is to rule in the drug case.

But prior to the jurors’ verdict on Friday, the five men who expressed hope on their faces appeared somehow disappointed over the verdict of the jurors. But it was Government of Liberia’s lawyers through the Justice Ministry that received at least preliminary hope from what the jurors presented.

Meanwhile, lawyers representing the five persons will at least urgently put some pieces together to prepare for an appeal if the possibility of losing legal grounds if Judge Kaba finds them all guilty of the crime.