Company Vows To Pursue Case Against 3 Lawyers

Despite clarification by one of the accused lawyers in the case Mano River Agricultural Rehabilitation & Development Corporation (MARDCO) versus Edmondo Trombetta et al of the City of Monrovia, the company has vowed to press its case against the three lawyers accused in the case for the Supreme Court to get the fact surrounding the matter.

The company said it will not relent until it retrieves the full amount that was taken by Cllr. Kruah and his co-hosts. Recently, one of the three lawyers accused of an alleged theft of US$56,694.92 by the Mano River Agricultural Rehabilitation & Development Corporation strongly denied the allegation with documentary evidence.

Cllr. Cooper W. Kruah, a partner of the Henries Law Firm on Benson in denying the allegation denied all allegations against him describing them as false and do not in any way represent the fact of the matter. Cllr. Kruah who presented receipts of monies received by the President/CEO of MARDCO, Edgar S. Sydney from the Sheriff of the Civil Law Court, Fofie V. Kamara said he at no time received any additional money saved for what he worked for.

One of the receipts dated May 24, 2012 revealed that Mr. Sydney received US$7,339.24 from the Sheriff of the Civil Law Court. Another one dated October 19, 2011 revealed that the President/CEO of MADCO requested for US$4,000 from the Henries &Henries Law Firm.

In his recent reaction to MARDCO’s President/CEO, Sydney in a communication dated January 21, 2014, said claimed by the company that he receivedmore legal fees than the amount that the corporation has received is totally untrue and unsubstantiated by any document. He added that the company’s President’s allegations against him are not supported by any proof therefore it will be difficult for him to speak to each count intelligently.

But the company said it will press its case against Cllr. Kruah, Cllr. Brumskine and John M. Gbetee for their involvement in the ongoing case at the Supreme Court of Liberia. MARDCO wants the case to be clearly understood before any decision is taken by the Chief Justice.

In the official complaint to the Chief Justice, MARDCO said its complaint has three elements that need to be addressed and considered individually. The company said it does not want somebody to be charged for the part they did not have anything to do with as clearly seen in the case.

MADCO complained of the theft of US$56,694.92 out of the money in the amount of US$106,292.70 that was allegedly collected by ClIr. Cooper Kruah of the Henries Law Firm from the civil law court for the theft ofvarious rubber trucks that were stolen from MARDCO contracted farms in SierraLeone.

The company said theft of the various rubber trucks confiscated were fully Investigated with witnesses from Sierra Leone and all the parties to the theft were found guilty of the act and the rubber was ordered sold by the Sheriff of the Civil Law Court and the money was to be returned to MARDCO but instead ClIr. Kruah allegedly took control of the money with the knowledge of his senior law partner, ClIr. George E. Henries and spent the money without any accountability toMARDCO:

MADCO also said filing of the Acknowledgment of Satisfaction of Judgment by ClIr. Brumskine which was done as a ‘cover’ up geared to facilitate the theft of the $601,306.73 by both Cllr. Kruah and ClIr. Brumskine are one of the subjects for which the complaint is filed and the collaboration of these two powerful Law Firm the Henries Law Firm and the Brumskine and Associates Law Firm to support and take part in filing the bogus and fraudulent Acknowledgment of the satisfaction of Judgment in court upon the request of Mr. Roberto Mariani who has never been elected by the MARDCO Board of Directors as Chairman of the Board of Directors of MARDCO is equal to filing a false statement which is also a crime in many jurisdiction around the world punishable by jailtime for 5 years.

MARDCO said as a result of the filing of the false document in court the respondents evaded the settlement of the judgment and are now free through the alleged criminal manipulation of Cllr. Kruah and ClIr. Brumskine of the legal system.

“In view of the above, we are asking the Henries law Firms to pay MARDCO for the full amount of the judgment of the Supreme Court in the amount of US$601,306.73 because the Henries Law Firm supported the Brumskine to file a false acknowledgment of the satisfaction of judgment in court in an effort to let the respondents flee the country so they can keep the money for themselves as a reward for freeing the respondents and the Henries Law Firm should pay MARDCO for the US$56,692.92 because they absolutely stole the money without the consideration of MARDCO’s management,” the company through its President/CEO, Sydney, further alleged.

Meanwhile, Cllr. Kruah has since responded to the allegation presenting some documents relative to monies received by Mr. Sydney on behalf of his company. At the same time, efforts to contact Cllr. Brumskine to comment on this involvement in the case proved futile as the writer of this story visited his office in Congo Town after several calls without response. Our reporter was only told to leave a note at the office since the Counselor was said to be in a meeting.

Cllr. Brumskine’s Special Assistant told our reporter that he (Brumskine) would’ve called The INQUIRER after his meeting, but since the visit by our staff of this paper last Tuesday, our reporter is yet to receive any call from the office of Cllr. Brumskine.