Suspected Armed Robbers Arrested In Congo Town

By Pinket A. Scott (intern)

A Community Watch Team in Congo Town, the TB Annex Community, has arrested five persons suspected of being in the constant habit of terrorizing peaceful residents in the area, especially at nightfall.

During the early hours of 3a.m. Thursday morning, five men, armed with deadly weapons, including cutlasses, knives, single barrel guns and other assorted deadly instruments were seen during that early morning attempting to burst into some of the residents’ home.

Prior to that attempted incident, the robbers were able to enter a lady’s home, one of the prominent residents in the community.

The victim, identified as Sandra Chea, explained that she and her family were immediately arrested, put under gun-point and asked to give them money and other valuables.

She further stated that the robbers immediately made away with one 32 flat screen television, one laptop, an ipad and several mobile phones belonging to them.

When this paper visited the scene that early Thursday morning, several persons spoken to, complained of the criminal activities being carried out in the community, especially during night hours.

“We are grateful to our community residents for the support and we urge that they continue to assist in this process because we believe during this rainy season, thereare lots of armed robbery activities carried out,” Emmanuel Gray stated.

According to Emmanuel Gray who is also the head of the Community Watch Team intimated that if the community residents fervently support their efforts in combating the criminal activities in their community, the more effectivetheir work will be.

Emmanuel is calling on the Liberia National Police to consider the midnight patrol in the community to at least make their presence felt by the robbers who receive less resistance at night.

For his part, Emmanuel B. Cooper who was once a victim of armed robbery attack said, they are living in perpetual fear and called on the Government of Liberia to go to their rescue and avert the security vulnerability they are exposed to.

Hours after the robbers were arrested by the Community Watch Team, a girl believed to be a girlfriend of one of the robbers, Vicky Johnson, joined in the effort to beat her boyfriend with the assistance of the suspected armed robber’s mother and other relatives.

“I don’t know Chris to be an armed robber; he and I were together last night when I told him for us to go to bed but decided that his friend, Stanley was coming for them to go out,” Vicky stated.

Meanwhile, Edwin Pewee, Rander Robert, Preston Diah Stanley Duken and Chris Weah have been turned over to the Zone-3 Police Depot in Congo Town for investigation.