SEGAL In The Fight Against Ebola Virus

Security Expert Guard Agency of Liberia (SEGAL) has joined the fight against ebola virus, a deadliest disease that has killed hundreds of Liberians since February of this year.

The disease firstly broke out in Lofa County, northern Liberia and subsided for a short period of time, but resurfaced with heavy weight claiming the lives of Liberians and spreading in several other counties. The outbreak of the disease has drawn the attention of the international community urging the government to declare a state of national emergency

Several families have been plagued by the disease and some are left with devastating hearts as they witnessed their love ones passing away by the day as the result of the infection.

The CEO/General Manager of SEGAL, Momo T. Cyrus told newsmen recently that it was essential for all well-meaning institutions, agencies and organizations existing in the country to join the fight against ebola virus and give either financial or moral support to the government in its fight against the deadliest infection.

He said, his organization, being a private security firm and an auxiliary of national security had always being concerned of providing security services not only private institutions but had worked and ensured that national security is strongly supported. “This is why my institution has purchased and distributed hundreds of buckets mainly to guard-posts where officers from SEGAL are deplored across Liberia,” Cyrus said.

He however said SEGAL joined the fight against ebola virus and it was firstly concerned about the welfare of its officers. “Besides, I am also concerned about my fellow citizens in different communities in the country,” he added.

He further said, given the pandemic nature of the disease, SEGAL had in addition contributed a good number of several other buckets that are fashioned in unique ways to many communities across the country to regularly take water to keep washing their hands as part of the preventive measures prescribed by the Ministry of Health and Social welfare for Liberians to apply in the fight against the disease.

The CEO/ General Manager of SEGAL told newsmen in an apparent worried stance, that his security firm has a plan to make cash donation towards the battle against the deadliest infection. “My institution has a plan to make cash contribution towards the fight against the ebola virus,” he told newsmen.

He said the outbreak of the infection is a national tragedy that all Liberians must not take with a pinch of salt but rather join the government in its fight aimed at eradicating it from the country. “I am worried simply because our people are being killed by the disease,” he told the newsmen.