Court Orders Residents’ Eviction… As ABC Children’s Aids Boss Rev. Sarkeuh, Families Jubilate Court’s Ruling

By Edwin G. Wandah

Civil Law Court at the Temple of Justice in Monrovia yesterday ruled in favor of Reverend Matthew Sarkeuh, and ordered all illegal occupants of the said 72.76 acres to vacate said property with immediate effect including the self-imposed Town Chief Emmanuel Togar.

According to Civil Law Court Judge Emily Paye in his ruling yesterday, the verdict given by the Jurors was in confirmative with the status of the court. Judge Paye said, the court, in its sound mind and jurisdiction, with logical reasoning, ruled in accordance with the same status that grants said jurisdiction.

The court therefore ordered all illegal occupants of the said property (ABC Children’s Aid) to consider the eviction orders which the court has placed in its ruling.

A man, Emmanuel Togar, who is imposing as Town Chief of the area illegally sold more than 43 acres of the said 72.76 acres of said Mission’s land to unknown residents.