Cooperating With The State Of Emergency

ON WEDNESDAY, THE Government of Liberia through President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf declared a state of emergency for 90 days as a means of containing the raging Ebola virus which has spread to eight of Liberia’s fifteen counties.

IN A NATIONWIDE address, the President said her action was in consonance with Article 86(a)(b) of the Constitution of Liberia. She said under the state of emergency, the government will institute extraordinary measures; including if need be the suspensions of certain rights and privileges.

PRESIDENT SIRLEAF SAID though government has taken action to curtail the virus, the threat continues to grow. She stated that ignorance, poverty as well as entrenched religious and cultural practices continue to exacerbate the spread of the disease especially in the counties.

SHE SAID THE actions allowed by statues under the Public Health Law are no longer adequate to deal with the Ebola epidemic as comprehensive and holistic as the outbreak requires. Also in recent times, government has taken several measures to ensure that the virus is contained.

OVER LAST WEEKEND, several public and private buildings were disinfected with detergents and others to avoid further spread of the virus. Despite these measures, the virus continues to rage on, killing hundreds of our citizens.

THIS SITUATION HAS indeed reached a precarious stage to the point that the government has gone ahead to declare a state of emergency, quarantined several counties and restricted the movement of the citizens for 21 days.

NOW THAT THE military has come out to join the fight against the Ebola epidemic, let us as Liberians, and seeing the death tolls caused by the Ebola virus, cooperate with the actions announced by the government and abide by those rules by state authorities and cooperate with the military task force established by the Defense Ministry in the various counties to fight against the disease.

REMAIN WHEREVER YOU find yourself as stated by the Minister of National Defense, Brownie Samukai and stop challenging government’s authorities because this is about lives, our own lives. We are dying in mass and the only way this virus can be contained is to abide by these measures and cooperate with the state of emergency.

WE ARE PLEADING to all Liberians as well as foreign nationals within the territorial limits of our country to cooperate with the government because we have seen the effect being caused by this deadly virus. While we understand the embarrassments and inconveniences caused by the state of emergency in terms of movements, let us for the sake of avoiding further spread of the Ebola virus, accept the 21 days non-movement action and remain wherever we are presently to save our own lives and others.

AGAIN, WE ARE appealing to all Liberians to cooperate with the rules under the state of emergency and remain wherever we are. Stopping the movements of people from place to place will help in the eradication of Ebola in Liberia and our lives will be saved. Remember, Ebola is real; it is killing too much of our people therefore, let us work with the government in containing the virus.