AFL Dismisses 8 For Drugs

The Ministry of National Defense has administratively discharged eight soldiers from the Armed Forces of Liberia for acts incompatible with the National Defense Act of 2008, the Uniformed Code of Military Justice(UCMJ) and the Constitution of the Republic of Liberia. Those discharged included seven males and a female.

Under the National Defense Act, the eight soldiers were discharged for contravention of section 7.7 (J) which emphasizes such discharge “For the Good of Service”, this provision corroborates with Article 1-19(3) of the AFL Regulation 10.6 which highlights Substance Abuse Program. While under the UCMJ Article 112(a), the dismissed soldiers were charged with “Wrongful use, possession of control substance,” and not keeping with the AFL standards and also for conduct which contravenes the Constitution of the Republic of Liberia.

It can be recalled that since the restructuring of the AFL, this is the highest synchronized mass administrative discharge which has been instituted in the AFL in connection with wrongful use or being in possession of contrabands. This sends out stern warning that the energy of the authority of the Ministry of National Defense remains inexhaustive in ensuring that the AFL remains a “Force for Good”.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of National Defense is assuring the public that it will insist on discipline and regimentation within the AFL. At the same time, the Ministry is strongly warning all individuals including partdiary personnel entering any of its installations 4 they will be subjecting themselves to a litany of miscalculated risks by engaging in any form of illegal activities for the Ministry’s installations.