Zeon Town Community Watch Team Turns Two Suspected Armed Robbers To Police

By Edwin G. Wandah

Some angry Zeon-Town Community dwellers in ELWA, Paynesville yesterday caught two persons allegedly linked to the ongoing wave of midnight armed robbery activities in their community and parts adjacent.

According to our reporter who visited the scene minutes after the crowd had gathered with some persons chanting kill them, kill them, while, others pleaded in sympathy for the alleged culprits. “Armed robbers are not good to live; kill them, my people, let’s not carry these guys to the Police for prosecution because the Police will free them after 48 hours; these guys are evil, we should not allow them to live,” one of the by-standers stated.

“No, let’s not take the law into our own hands; let’s consult the Police before doing anything. If we harm these boys, we all will be held responsible for mob violence; mob violence should not be tolerated in this community; I believe taking these guys to the Police will be the best option,” another resident averred.

When this paper ascertained what led to the arrest of the two suspected persons, some of the Community Watch Team members spoken to said, the two suspects were arrested during the early hours of Wednesday morning loitering in the community.

The Watch team members who prayed this court not to be named for what they referred to as “For Security Reason” said the suspects were found loitering in the community at that early hours and could not state exactly what they were doing or who they went to.

According to them, predicated upon that, the suspects were ordered an arrest for loitering. The Community Watch Team members further stated that when the suspects were further questioned, there were several different statements given by them.

What is your name? “My name is ‘Black Sheet’. What are you doing here this morning? “I came to see my aunty”. What is her name? “I don’t know. No! I forgot her name as he shivered,” one of the suspects stated. “For me, I came from work and decided to pass here”. What is your name? “My name is Asamoah, and I work at Golden Gate Hotel as a Private Security personnel”. Which Security Apparatus? “I work with Blue Water Security Firm”. Who is your Supervisor? He is called Derry Blama, but we call him Mr. Liberian”. What is the name of the place you live? “I live in Duala, but I decided to pass the night here with my friend”. What is the name of your friend? “I can only call him ‘Dirty Plastic’”.

Meanwhile, when the Community Watch Team members were taking the suspects to the ELWA Police Depot, they encountered stiff resistance on the way, but with the timely intervention of the Police the angry people who had gathered demanding the release of the suspects for mob prosecution, was averted.

Meanwhile, the suspects will remain in Police custody for 48 and they will be turned over to the court for prosecution.