Muslim Leader Urges Liberians

Muslim Leader Urges Liberians

By: Dougba K. McCay- In Kakata

The Margibi Muslim Council is calling on Liberians to get involved into things that will be favor by God instead of engaging into activities that will angry God adding that the national legislature should most especially pass a bill that will be in the interest of the people of Liberia as it relates to the issue of gay marriage.

He said that Allah (God) is angry with many of our activities as humans something he said that is making us (Liberians) to experience lots of sicknesses and hardship.

He said one of the right decisions will be to pass a bill that will not be in favor gay marriage.

Speaking recently in Kakata following the celebration of Ramadan, the Chairman of the Margibi Muslim Council E-man Sheik Mohammed T. Kromah narrated that gay marriage is one of the things that God is highly against.

He noted that besides the gay marriage, fornication and adultery are two of the things that Liberians must desist from if they must be right with God.

E-man Kromah added things that will bring the country to retrogression or disrepute including actions that will make the outside world to look at us bad or think that we are not respecting God should not be done by Liberians.

The Margibi Muslim Council Chairman explained that we are suffering from sicknesses like Ebola and AIDS because of our stubbornness against Allah.

Speaking further, the Eman maintained when Liberians abide by God’s mandate, we will not experience all of the sicknesses and hardship we are now experiencing the country.

He said many people only pretend to obey God during the time of problems but after their sufferings, they no longer obey him.

He then called on Muslims to continue to respect the norms and customs of the Islamic religion even though they have ended their Ramadan.