Court Summons Finance Minister

By Edwin G. Wandah
Civil Law Court Judge Emily Paye has issued a writ of summon on Finance Minister, Amara Konneh to appear before the Civil Law Court to produce the original documents from the office of former LACC Boss, Francis Johnson against Eric Nagbe who was dismissed from his job at the Finance Ministry in connection with financial scandal at the Finance Ministry.

Sometimes ago, defendant Eric Nagbe who previously worked as Internal Auditor, and two others within the Audit Department of the Ministry of Finance were dismissed for being in connection with a financial scandal at the Ministry of Finance, but the other two persons were re-instated.

But yesterday at the hearing, Attorney Arthur Johnson representing Eric Nagbe requested the original copies of two letters he believes play key role in the investigation process. According to Attorney Johnson, the original copies of the LACC’s Letter to Minister Amara Konneh, which carries the findings of the investigation conducted by the LACC against Eric Nagbe, and the letter that was issued by the Finance Minister of the Republic of Liberia could have been very essential were they in court.

Attorney Arthur Johnson further stated that in the absence of those original copies of the two letters, the Finance Ministry and the Minister Proper have failed to exemplify the truth, and that his client needs to be exonerated of those charges which have been levied against him.

He intimated that efforts to delay the case were only intended to keep his client under severe stigma of crimes his client is not guilty of.  But Finance Ministry team of lawyer’s continuously claim that Finance Minister has not been requested to formerly produce any letter in court.

Finance Ministry lawyers argued that the original copies of those letters were already issued to Eric Nagbe, and that the Ministry or its Minister, Amara Konneh could not withhold the letters which is intended for another person.

Meanwhile, Civil Law Court Judge has immediately issued a writ of summon against Minister Amara Konneh. According to the writ, Minister Amara Konneh is to appear live in court on Friday at 10 a.m. to officially tell the court the original copies of the whereabouts of the LACC letter and the letter issued from his office to Eric Nagbe.