Three Hand Pumps “Poisoned” At New Georgia Junction…Residents Alarm; Set Up Road Blockse alleged poisoning of the wells in Dolo’s Town.

By Morrison O.G Sayon

Serious tension mounted yesterday at the New Georgia Junction when some residents alleged that their hand pumps have been contaminated with some strange chemicals by unknown individuals.   The news of the alleged contamination or poisoning of the three wells at the New Georgia Junction led to serious commotion when some angry residents mostly youths including women set up road blocks on the Somalia Drive thus, preventing vehicles from plying the road for several hours.

According to Madam Massara Kromah, owner of one of the hand pumps, some strange men riding in a white jeep disembarked their vehicle at about 2:00 A.M. and began using chisels to open holes on top of the hand pumps.

Madam Kromah alleged that while in her room, she heard some strange sound like a person bursting something on the hand pump. She further stated, “I went to the door and spotted a man opening the top of the pump and what I saw was the same man pouring a liquid into the well with some similar to the needle used for injections.”

Madam Kromah said while the man was doing his sinister act, she called some of her neighbors from their various houses but unfortunately for them the alleged criminal escaped the scene and left the unidentified chemical wasting on the ground by the well.

Many of the residents spoken to said the strange chemical smelt like a poisonous chemical and due to the pungent smell, the pump has been closed to the public.

When quizzed as what could have been the motive behind such act, Kromah said people are poisoning hand pumps and wells to carry on mass killings and blame such on the deadly Ebola virus. She further alleged that those in the jeep are believed to be government officials or their agents sent on the field to kill people in some communities and say they were killed by Ebola.

Many persons are also wondering as to the reason for the poisoning or contamination of wells and hand pumps in recent times. They want government to take the appropriate steps by putting security on the alert to arrest those involved in such unscrupulous acts.

Recently, it was reported that 25 persons died from the poisoning of wells in Unification Town, Margibi County. The situation occurred following a funeral service at the Zion Healing Holy Church. One person has been arrested in connection with the alleged poisoning of the wells in Dolo’s Town.