NSA Sets Record Straight On Koreans’ Money Reports

The National Security Agency’s attention has been is drawn to two publications of the National Chronicle (Vol. 21, 109 and 111) insinuating the non-cooperation of the National Security Agency in the on-going investigation of some Korean and Sierra Leonean nationals with hazardous materials and equipment that pose national security risk to the lives of our citizens.

The NSA in a press statement said it had received intelligence that individuals were in possession of illegal combustible and hazardous materials, including cyanide in the hotel. “The NSA seized the individuals, counterfeit monies, equipment and hazardous materials verifying their purpose was to smelt gold in a hotel room for shipment outside Liberia,” the NSA said.

The security agency said it turned over all the evidence to the Ministry of Justice on July 15, 2014, based on a stay of investigation letter to Director Sirleaf from ClIr. Wheatonia Dixon Barnes (Deputy Minister for Administration and Public Safety) dated July 11, 2014.   In the statement the NSA said, “The NSA wishes to note the following points based on the erroneous publications of the National Chronicle that led the paper’s false conclusions about a sensitive and clandestine operation of the NSA as empowered under the National Security Act of 2011.”

“The NSA seized counterfeit in the possession of the suspects in the amount of US$49,300 counterfeit notes in US$100 denomination. The counterfeit notes have been turned over to the Justice Ministry on July 15, 2014,” the statement noted.

It furthered, “We believe the two publications are fabrications of the paper, a notorious paper that peddles its trade by soliciting stories on sensitive government matters and in turn publishing sensational headlines to further extort from government officials.

The statement issued by Col. Nathaniel Hodges, Deputy Director of the NSA noted that the paper through these publications is to tarnish the reputation of the NSA, thwart and undermine its contribution in pursuing legitimate investigations, especially transnational criminal organizations.

“The NSA wishes to reiterate its commitment in upholding its constitutional responsibility, within the full rigors of the Laws of the Republic of Liberia.

The NSA puts the newspaper and its dubious collaborators in and out of government on notice and that we are aware of your collaboration for malicious and divisive mischief,” the NSA statement intimated.