I’m Still Chairman Of CDC…George Solo Resists Removal

I'm Still Chairman Of CDC…George Solo Resists Removal

By Morrison O.G Sayon

Despite his removal as Chairman of the main opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), embattled Chairman, George Solo says he remains the National Chairman of the party.

On Sunday, the Executive Committee of the CDC removed its National Chairman, Mr. George Solo according to a resolution.

In the resolution, the party said it has been established that beginning 2014, the Congress for Democratic Change had been imperiled by subjective political maneuvering, epitomized to distract the party from achieving its ideological objectives, and sought to exploit a vacuum of opportunity to mislead, disorient, forestall, and demise the anchored hopes of the people in the CDC as the most viable democratic alternative for genuine change in Liberia.

The resolution also said it has been established that external enemies of the Congress for Democratic Change were successful in outreach efforts to recruit and contract a collaborator, who has become an internal operative within the CDC where his mission of divisive propaganda, rancor, appetite for dissonance, unsettling policy misdirection, and engineered institutional collapse have come to reflect the disruptive agenda of his hirers.

Among other things, the party Executive Committee said it has been established that as a consequence of the clandestine double-dealings of Mr. Solo operating within, a repugnant cold war ensued, and has been profusely waged to date with disquieting crescendo of devilish and measured propaganda, salvos of misinformation, and a dishonest exertion of deceit to mislead the National Executive Committee of the CDC against the collective and popular interests of members of the party.

But in reaction yesterday, Mr. Solo said he remains the National Chairman of the CDC describing those who claimed to have removed him as rude and misguided individuals who are not clothed with any authority to remove him as Chairman of the party.

Solo said he’s fully recognized by the National Elections Commission (NEC) as National Chairman of CDC saying that those who took the decision against him are bunch of rude elements who want to spoil the image of the CDC.

He said the truth of the matter is that he was trying to discourage some of the CDC partisans who are continuously tarnishing the government’s reputation on the fight against the Ebola virus.

Whether he used knife to attack some CDCians at the party headquarters on Friday, Solo denied such allegation adding that he was being guided by some security men of the CDC. “If I used knife as claimed by them then, why no one was injured in the incident,” George Solo wondered.

He denied claims of receiving US$500,000 from Senatorial hopeful, Robert Sirleaf, one of Liberian President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, though Mulba Morlu and other executives of the CDC strongly claimed to be in possession of video and audio recordings to substantiate their claims against the former Chairman.

But Mr. Solo publicly challenged Mr. Morlu and others of the CDC to produce recordings on him interacting with Mr. Sirleaf in any form or manner. Mr. Solo denied ever meeting with Robert Sirleaf. He said the political leader of the CDC, George Weah is disappointed in the behavior of the Executive Committee and will return to make his stance known on the ongoing saga within the party.